All of Nature Seems New Again

Spring Is in the Air

April 1, 2016

Spring is in the air, even though the snow came later than normal after a fairly mild winter. Soon the snow will recede and the sun will bring the warmth of summer. Spring is the season for gardening;, opening the cottage,, or enjoying a spring concert;

In many small towns, especially in Muskoka,, the sweet scent of maple sap boiling is evident.

April is the month of celebration for sugaring operations in Ontario and Quebec. The Muskoka Maple Festival,, is a month long event to promote the maple harvest.

Spring is a brief but refreshing season; all of nature seems new again. As the grass turns green and the trees fill in; try to take the time to enjoy a walk by the water, a stroll in the woods,, or a drive in the country.

For some people, spring is a time to travel. Many parts of the world are at their most beautiful in the spring. Visiting a new or exotic location means experiencing the food and culture of the area. Europe has a vast and historic mosaic to explore.

Paris, in spring is such an iconic destination. The food, culture and history make this a trip that is on many a bucket list.

Whether we travel to exciting new places, relax at the cottage or just have a few friends over for a barbeque; life is best when we slow down a little and share it with the people we care about.