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The Client Is at the Centre of Our Environment

The Lipsett Landry Group believes our clients are entitled to objective and competent guidance to craft, implement and monitor a financial and life-planning strategy.

The Lipsett Landry Group Environment

The term Our Environment refers to coordinated access to all available services and strategies. The prime objective is to cause our clients to experience the feeling of control that happens when all of the elements of their financial lives are as aligned and focused as possible.

Our Environment is governed by a 4 step process. To begin the process, we fully analyze each client’s present situation and future plans to ensure that we are on course to meet their goals. We will run a Naviplan report to produce a future value for the estate, then an income needs analysis will pressure test the plan.

As we proceed through Our Process the goal is to learn what our clients’ value most so we can utilize the vast resources of ScotiaMcLeod to help support their financial needs.

Core of Trusted Advisors

Explore Our EnvironmentThe Core of Trusted Advisors (C.O.T.A) is the process that governs our unique guidance based environment. Our group understands that creating and managing wealth is not simply a financial exercise, but requires us to appreciate the unique values of each client including an in-depth understanding of their goals and future plans.

The Core of Trusted Advisors is comprised of our group and your existing experts such as lawyers and accountants. The C.O.T.A works together to craft innovative strategies that achieve your objectives. Our group will also draw from specialists inside and outside of the ScotiaMcLeod group to customize a holistic wealth management solution.

Strategic Business Alliance

The Strategic Business Alliance is a needs based service created and maintained for the clients of the Lipsett Landry Group. It is comprised of highly specialized professionals who provide services crucial to the success and growth of Canadian Businesses. The council is a co-operative designed to be a single source referral group.

All high net worth entities need a trusted source to provide access to professionals that perform critical tasks on a timely basis. In some areas, trial and error is not an option. The purpose of the council is to provide a secure conduit of information and service from professionals in a wide variety of disciplines.

The Lipsett Landry Group

Friends of LLG

The friends of LLG are a key component of our Research Triangle. The Research Triangle is our process for gathering insight regarding market activity and crafting a consensus. We consider ourselves “consolidators of research”. We consult with the best analysts and portfolio managers, and then consolidate the research into recommendations that best suit each client. A sense of control is achieved through clarity and proper guidance.

The friends are a select group of money managers, traders and analysts with whom we have forged a professional relationship over many years. Their reputations and track records are among the best in the industry. We consult with them on many issues and receive their insight on various investment opportunities. Each individual has a different area of specialty that allows us to identify investment ideas with the highest probability of success. A portion of our clients’ capital is invested with some of these managers to benefit from their skill and provide maximum diversification.

Scotiabank Group of Companies

ScotiaMcLeod was originally formed as a partnership in February 1921 by four young entrepreneurs: Donald Ivan McLeod, William Ewart Young, James Gordon Weir and John Henry Ratcliffe. The foundation laid by these men was rooted in trust, financial expertise and innovation – strengths that have prevailed ever since.

By the 1970s, McLeod, Young, Weir diversified to offer a full range of investment services including bond, stock and money market trading, corporate and government finance, mergers and acquisitions, commodities and futures, personal investment services, and mutual funds. In 1987, the Bank of Nova Scotia purchased McLeod, Young, Weir having identified it as one of the most established and respected firms in the industry.

Today, ScotiaMcLeod is the investment arm of Scotiabank, and a division of Scotia Capital Inc. Scotiabank is one of Canada’s largest financial organizations with over $280 billion in assets. ScotiaMcLeod has earned a reputation for integrity based on our standards of excellence, quality service, and a commitment to doing what’s right for our clients.