Our Team

40+ Years of Experience in the Investment Industry

Our TeamThe Lipsett Landry Group was formed in 2002 when Jim Lipsett and Marc Landry merged 
their respective practices. With a combined 40+ years of experience in the investment 
industry, the central purpose of the merger was to create a proactive conservative team. Providing personal guidance and service is often promised but difficult to deliver, this 
is the core objective of our team. Our senior associate, Ginny, has 20+ years’ experience 
providing exceptional organization skills and administrative duties. Our team provides an environment of guidance and clarity where no opportunity is overlooked.

Jim Lipsett

Director of Wealth Management
Senior Wealth Advisor

Marc D. Landry

Associate Director of Wealth Management
Senior Wealth Advisor

Ginny Lam

Senior Associate

Ben Murphy

Insurance Specialist

Gerry Ramos

Certified Financial Planner