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An Extensive List of Wealth Management Services

The Lipsett Landry Group is pleased to provide our clients with an extensive list of wealth management services, providing strategic solutions for both business and personal finance.

By creating strategies from personalized portfolio management to insurance options and retirement planning, The Lipsett Landry Group offers comprehensive guidance that is delivered with clarity, balance and focus.

The Lipsett Landry Group provides clients with a flexible fee structure, encompassing both transaction-based and non-discretionary fee-based services, such as our “Partnership Plus” program.

For a comprehensive list of wealth management solutions offered by The Lipsett Landry Group, and its Team of Experts please read on. If you would like to arrange an exploratory meeting with a member of the team or have questions about any of these services, please contact us today – a team member is always available to assist you.

Client Services

Wealth management and creation made simple.

Business Services

Solutions and strategies for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Personal Services

Protecting what matters and securing your future.

Philanthropy Services

Giving to charities and contributing to your community.