Client Services

Client Advisory Services

Wealth Management Made Transparent

  • Access to Our Research Pyramid (Internal and External Information Sources)
  • Full Written Financial Plan Using Naviplan
  • Online Access to your account through your Scotia Online (All information updated daily)
  • Seamless, Coordinated Access to all Strategies and Services through Our Environment
  • Comprehensive, Detailed Estate and Trust Plan through the Core of Trusted Advisors, (C.O.T.A.)

Client Investment Services

Wealth Creation Through Strategic Planning

  • Written Portfolio construction in Spreadsheet Form
  • Futures strategies for protection or gain
  • Option Strategies for Income and Capital Preservation
  • Direct Equity Investments through all North American Exchanges
  • Direct Fixed Income Investments
    • Third Party Discretionary Asset Management
    • Management Through the Friends of LLG
    • Mutual Funds, ScotiaMcLeod Managed
    • Portfolios and Private Equity Managers